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Sistema Guals® covers
the traceability from field to table in real time, through different processes
of transformation.

Safety and quality agrifood

Sistema Guals® covers traceability in the food industry from field / farm to final consumer, with the aim of achieving a safe food supply and meet the legal requirements for safety: European Traceability Regulations, set out in Regulation EC 178/2002.

Traceability: Ability to find and track through all stages of production, processing and distribution of food, feed, an animal for food production or substance intended to be incorporated in food or feed or likely to be.
Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 of the European Parliament and Council, whose primary objective of bringing the concepts, principles and procedures for the free movement of safe and wholesome food, in Article 18, introduces for all feed and food businesses, the requirement to have in January 2005 a traceability System.


In the case of health problems, customer complaints, failures in production, etc.., The trader may move away those products as quickly. It is also able to determine the cause of the problem and demonstrate due diligence and decide the fate of the products. Effective management in case of crisis, significantly reduces damage to the commercial image of the brand.


Consumers are more satisfied and confident in the products they consume, with the assurance that there is transparency of information throughout the entire food chain.



The Administration can act more effectively in the management of health scares, poisonings, etc.., Reducing alarms in the population.


The Administration also can place more trust in institutions that have implemented a system of traceability.


Sistema Guals has excellent knowledge and a proven track record in the food industry and the software industry to carry out the traceability of their products, to provide confidence to consumers because the products are produced with the appropriate transparency of information throughout the food chain (from producer to consumer) and meet with European Traceability Regulations.