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32 years of experience behind us

Sistema Guals is not just a computer software, is the global solution for your farm or company

Traceability from field to table

Sistema Guals is not just a computer software, is the global solution for your farm or company

Technical Club

Addressed to veterinary technicians, agronomists, consultants, etc.

Control and environmental management

Allows Environmental Product traceability and the right environmental management of its facilities, allowing you to optimize processes and obey the current legislation.

Shop On-line

The online store allows to draw the producer and the final consumer closer, with the benefits that this generates for both sides.

Web design and programming

We know how a web site is important for any person, firm or business and have an Internet presence. Today a website is a global media required for people who surf the Internet.

Sistema Guals Success

Sistema Guals® is an Agrifood Software has been more than 30 years covering the IT needs of production and costs, to small, medium and large businesses.


The System covers the traceability in the food industry from field / farm to final consumer, with the aim of achieving a safe food supply and meet the legal safety requirements (European Traceability Legislation).

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Sistema Guals at Sepor 2018

Sistema Guals will be at Sepor 2018, it will be celebrated from 5  to 8 of November in Lorca (Murcia)


Monday, 16 July 2018

(07/18) Nueva actualización Sistema Guals, julio 2018

Es un placer presentarles las novedades de la nueva actualización de Sistema Guals.

Póngase en contacto con nosotros y le explicaremos su funcionamiento y su puesta en marcha.

New collaboration

Collaboration with Universitat
de Lleida, Sistema Guals offers
its users a new service
cost analysis of production
of its exploitation.

Sistema Guals®, in collaboration with Universitat de Lleida, offers its users a new service analysis of production costs of its exploitation, and compare them with the sector. The analysis will allow us to detect opportunities for improvement of operation and thereby obtain an improvement in economic performance of your company..


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